Dani O'Malley / Jada
17 January 2016 @ 04:08 pm
Dani O'Malley / Jada
17 January 2016 @ 04:08 pm

How's my driving? Feel free to con-crit my take on Dani O'Malley here.
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Dani O'Malley / Jada
18 January 2016 @ 09:08 am
Character History

This story, for the most part, revolves around a book called the Sinsar Dubh. It's a book of great power that holds all the darkest, most powerful spells in the Fae world. The book was written by the Unseelie King himself. The book was once held in Arlington Abbey located a few miles outside of Dublin. The book escaped somehow. As with all things Fae, the book has changed and morphed into something great and powerful itself. It's capable of amazing things. It's got a mind of its own. The book itself is evil. Everyone in this book series wants the Sinsar Dubh for themselves for their own reasons. Everyone is hunting the book and trying to get to it first to use it for themselves.

Danielle Megan O'Malley was born in Dublin, Ireland to a mother who really didn't really want to have a child and probably should never have had a child. As far as we know, her father was not in the picture. As soon as Dani could fend for herself, she had to do so. She never went to school. She was never let out of the house. Her mother kept her chained in a cage with only a television for company so everything she knows from her early childhood is from that television. When her mother died to one of the dark fae unseelie, the leader of the sidhe-seers, Rowena (Ro), found her and took her to live with her. From then on, everything Dani learned was from Ro. She idolized the older woman as she opened up a much larger worldview to her and did everything she was told to do, good or bad, until she became old enough to start questioning some of the things Ro had her do.

Eventually, Dani works for Ro in the courier service that's a cover for the sidhe-seer network. It's called Post Haste, Inc (PHI) and it carries the emblem of a warped shamrock that is the sidhe-seer symbol. Ro was very controlling of Dani, keeping her on a tighter and tighter leash the older she got and the more her sidhe-seer abilities manifested. She kept the sword Dani could use away from Dani unless she was directed to go out and use it against the Fae, or even humans. She used Dani, with her speed and strength, and made her into a killer, all while proclaiming to love and care for her. Not all cages are so obvious as the one her real mother kept her in. That proclamation of care is what endears Dani to Ro for a long time. It was a very warped, twisted relationship that Dani only really starts to question the more she gets to know another sidhe-seer named Mackayla Lane (Mac).

Meeting Mac changed a lot of things for Dani. She had been ordered by Ro to follow Mac and find out where she lives and works and eats and sleeps, not knowing that she was the sister of Alina, another sidhe-seer who Ro had had Dani kill. Dani did this, finding out about Mac's association with Jericho Barrons, a mysterious man with a lot of dangerous knowledge of Fae, Druids, Sidhe-seers and basically everything. When Ro was ready, Dani brought Mac to meet her. The meeting didn't go well, Mac and Ro butting heads, and that didn't set well with Dani. Seeing someone question Ro and her motives for the first time made Dani start to question her too.

She starts to form a sisterly type friendship with Mac, basically idolizes her and Mac's relationship with Barrons. She thinks Mac is very cool. When Mac doesn't follow Ro's instructions with the sidhe-seers and Ro sends a group of girls to attack Mac and steal her fae-killing spear, Mac retaliates by going into the sidhe-seer stronghold with V'lane, a seelie prince who is one of the most powerful of the fae. We see Dani stand up for Mac here in front of the rest of the sidhe-seers. The other girls dismiss Dani's opinion while Mac praises her. We also find out here that Dani has killed more unseelie than any of the other sidhe-seers combined, Mac included. She uses another fae killing weapon, the sword of destiny, a weapon that Rowena controls Dani with by giving it to her to go out and kill unseelie and than taking it away again when she returns.

As Dani grows closer to Mac and unrest begins to grow amid the other sidhe-seers and and Rowena, Dani starts hanging out with Mac even more. She sets up a meeting between mac and a half dozen other girls who are starting to question Ro's leadership. They want Mac's help in obtaining an object of power that could help them strengthen the walls between Faerie and their world, a ritual that can only be performed on Samhain. In return for Mac's help and time, Dani spies on Rowena for her, takes pictures of pages in ancient books that hold information about sidhe-seers, fae and the sinsar dubh, a book full of the darkest and most powerful magic, that everyone is hunting down. During the meeting with the other sidhe-seers we find out that they were the very ones who had lost the book they were supposed to be guarding in the first place twenty years prior. Mac gets them the orb they wanted and the ritual is set to take place. Dani and Mac start going out at night to kill unseelie together.

On Samhain, the ritual they use the orb for goes terribly wrong. Shades escape the orb and infiltrate the abbey. Dani helps to fight the dark fae off but the sidhe-seers end up losing over fifty of their own. Everyone but Dani blames Mac. This isolates Dani even more from the other sidhe-seers and from Roweena. With the ritual having failed, the walls between the Fae worlds and Dani's world fall and unseelie flood Dublin. They eat everything and everyone in sight. Dani hunkers down in the abbey even though she wants to go out and fight. Roweena won't let her. When the dust clears and they finally do get to go out, Roweena asks for Mac, dead or alive. Dani prefers to bring Mac back alive. When she finds Mac, she finds that she's been turned pri-ya by the Dark Fae princes. Instead of killing the Unseelie princes as she should have done, she speeds in faster than any eye can see and steals Mac. She takes her back to the Abbey.

Roweena puts Mac in the basement of the abbey in a cell that's warded to keep all of the seelie out. Dani keeps trying to get Mac to eat, but being pri-ya has turned Mac into a mindless being. On one trip downstairs to check on Mac, she finds that someone has painted black over the wards, which means Mac is a sitting duck. Dani speeds her way through the abbey, running into the man Mac lives with (Barrons) and his friends, to get her sword. She has a hunch that something is coming after Mac. She gets back to her friend just in time and slams her sword into an Unseelie prince. She almost dies here while saving Mac. Barrons recognizes that and nods respectfully to her before he takes Mac out of the abbey leaving Dani behind.

Months later, when Barrons has brought Mac back from being Pri-ya and Mac returns to the abbey to tell Ro what she thinks of her treatment of her while she was pri-ya, Dani tackles Mac before she knows it's her and then embraces her. Dani is covered in bruises and we find out that she's been trying to get into the rooms in the basement that Ro keeps locked by speeding through the abbey at top speed and flinging herself at the doors. This would work with any regular door, she says. But Ro has those doors magically warded. We also find out that in these months Ro has had all the sidhe-seers warding the abbey and remaining hidden there instead of out fighting. But when she could, Dani has been sneaking out to hunt for Mac to see if she was okay. The hunt has been unsuccessful.

Ro appears and tries to put Mac in her place. Dani stands alongside Mac even as Mac tells the sidhe-seers that they need to fight and starts to bring some of the girls over to her side away from Ro. Here, we see Mac even used Dani as Ro has, through emotional manipulation. Mac feeds Dani several compliments and then convinces her to steal the spear of destiny and the sword of light from Rowena. These are the two objects that can kill the Unseelie. Dani slams into Rowena and steals the spear and the sword. Dani fears after doing this that she'll never be able to go back to the abbey. Mac says they will be able to. They spend the night fighting and killing unseelie and then see someone firing bullets at an Unseelie Hunter, a massive almost dragonlike fae that flies. They find the former Dublin guarda firing the bullets. They determine that iron injures the Fae. Together, Dani and Mac steal crates of weapons from Barrons and take them back to the abbey to be melted for their iron bits and pieces.

When Mac tries to make an attempt at ousting Ro, Dani stands by her side. Ro outsmarts them and maintains control when she offers to give Dani's sword of light to another girl. Dani super speeds her and Mac out of there. They hole up in one of the many empty houses in Dublin. They go out and kill unseelie together several times. Then they decide to find out where Chesters is, one of the few remaining establishments in Dublin. They find it through Dani's enhanced hearing and they find that inside Chesters there's a club where humans and fae intermingle. The humans seem to be fae groupies and the unseelie feed on them. Dani decides to case the joint, thinking that since she moves so fast no one would see her as per usual. She gets captured and put into a room by a man named Ryodan with three other men. She keeps trying to run past them and they're too quick for her to get past. Mac agrees not to come into Chesters with weapons again and to live and let live within the building and Ryodan sets them free. Ryodan shows a special interest in Dani here though.

The very next day she gets captured by the remaining unseelie princes who want to kill her for killing one of their own when Mac had been pri-ya. They hold onto her while Mac speaks with another dark fae and works a deal to get Dani free. Needless to say, Dani is not having a good week and is very upset about people moving quicker than her and taking her sword from her. At least at the Abbey she can run too fast to be seen and she goes there to try to see what Ro is telling the girls to keep them on her side. What she finds out, however, is that the girls are questioning Ro. They're coming into the city to scope things out for themselves. Dani and Mac decide to meet them in the city. They find the girls surrounded and battling Fae. Dani and Mac turn the tide of the battle and at one point Mac tosses her spear to one of the girls to save her life. The girls ask Mac and Dani to come back to the abbey and say that they will make Ro play nice.

At the abbey, Mac and Dani decide they're going to try to get into the forbidden libraries. Dani knows where they all are because she's spied on Ro long enough that she knows most of what goes on at the abbey. Mac wants to find where the Sinsar Dubh had been imprisoned and learn more about the Sidhe-Seers and her own history. They get far into the libraries until Dani can't go any further because of the wards. At this point, Mac disappears and it's the last we see of Dani for awhile. The next we see her, she's been taking up Mac's mantel of defying Ro and getting the Sidhe-Seers out and fighting the Fae. She's crafty about it though, acquiescing to Roweena just enough to keep her placated.

The next we see of Dani, she's started posting flyers around Dublin called 'The Dani Daily' in which she gives people information about the goings on of the world post apocalypse (post the walls falling and fae flooding their world). She teaches people how to kill the fae with iron and the uses iron can have in protecting themselves from the fae. She tells them where the safe zones are and which places to avoid. She fills them on on Inspector Jayne's (a human who's formed a human militia against the fae) activities and how they can help him. The Dani Daily is always upbeat and full of hope to give the people a sense of hope. We also find out that sometimes she hangs out outside of Chesters and kills any fae trying to go in.

While at the Abbey one day, one of the Sidhe-Seers opens fire on the girls. She's been taken over by the Sinsar Dubh. Dani considers running in to tackle the girl but the bullet spray is fast and she isn't sure she won't get shot. While the other girls are getting killed, she grabs the Sidhe-Seer closest to her (Jo) and speeds out of the room. Roweena as good as blames Dani for not dying in the process of trying to stop the book. Dani gets so angry at the blame that she walks out on Ro and the entire Abbey to go out on her own. She's now homeless. Mac is still missing and so is Barrons. Dani's on her own.

When next she runs into Mac, her friend is seemingly in league with the enemy. Mac yells at Dani to go away and speaks very cruelly to her. Dani does go away to stew on it, but she has an inkling that Mac is undercover. After telling Barrons and his men that she thinks Mac needs help, she follows Mac to the mansion where she's holed up with the enemy, an unseelie named Darroc. She witnesses Darroc get killed and Barrons speed in to save Mac. Eventually, Mac calls Dani in to apologize for her behavior. Dani accepts it readily and is happy to have Mac back as a friend. Together they go back to the Abbey where they confront the other sidhe-seers with the information Mac found out from Darroc before he was killed. Here is where we find out that Roweena's sidhe-seer gift is mental persuasion. Dani knows she's been used, manipulated and controlled by Roweena for some time at this point.

Dani's birthday is February 20th. Mac decides to make her a cake and have a girls day in. They do this, paint each others nails and watch movies. Then they get bored and go out to kill some fae together. Toward the end of the night they come across the fae that had killed Alina, Mac's sister. The fae inform Mac that Dani had helped them by bringing Alina to them. Mac is obviously betrayed and Dani is guilty and speeds away. The sinsar dubh is eventually cornered and caught. It's absorbed by an unseelie prince named Cruce though. Cruce had been posing as a seelie prince named V'lane and was in the room when they were trying to imprison the book. The unseelie king captures Cruce in a block of ice and imprisons him beneath the sidhe-seer abbey.

In these next books Dani is the main character rather than a side character. The books are from her point of view rather than Mac's. Also, some time has passed. We find out that Dani has been holed up with a boy named Dancer who has become her best friend. She still puts out her Dani Daily periodicals to help people fight the fae. She's even written and published a book about it in which she put all her fae fighting knowledge. She even killed one of the massive hunters that roam the sky. But when she did, black inked up her arm and into her veins and didn't go away for weeks. Ryodan, one of Barrons's men, has sought her out to hire her and she refused to work for him because she has a feeling that once you start working for Ryodan and his friends, you never stop. She's also on the radar of a human druid who used to be friends with Mac. Christian has been touched by unseelie and is turning into one of the princes as they can't ever truly be killed.

Dani is trying to avoid Mac because she thinks Mac wants to kill her. She goes to Chester's (Ryodan's club) and kills unseelie outside of it almost every night. Ryodan and his men stop her because they're somehow faster than her. She vows to practice and become as fast as if not faster than them. One night she speeds right into Ryodan who bites her neck to get the taste of her blood in his mouth and her scent in his nose so that he can always know when she's around. Something happens to her here where she momentarily loses her powers and can't speed away from Ryodan. Then he knocks her out and takes her back to Chester's where he tries to get her to sign a contract to work for him. Dani refuses. Ryodan leaves her chained in one of his rooms. Jo, one of the sidhe-seers comes to rescue her but gets caught. She makes a deal with Ryodan to let Dani go and she'll stay to work for him. Dani can't stand this and makes a deal with Ryodan that she'll work for him if he lets Jo go. Ryodan gets Dani to sign the contract (a druid blood contract that's binding) and he tells Dani that if she messes up then Jo's life is forfeit.

He takes her down several levels of building and her curiosity gets the better of her when she suddenly feels cold. Ryodan leads her down a long hallway and it gets colder and colder. They end up at the entrance to another part of the club that has been completely iced over. Ryodan wants Dani to speed in and investigate. She does. When the frozen people start exploding, shrapnel flies everywhere and she and Ryodan barely make it out.

Up at the top levels of the club, with Ryodan and his men occupied with the exploding underground, Dani goes on a killing spree in the club. She kills as many Fae as she can until Christian steps in and stops her. He reminds her that she's outnumbered here and that she needs to get out. Dani decides to use Christian, who is looking more and more like an unseelie prince, to get her out. Together, they saunter out of the club through the remaining fae. Christian tells Dani that she's safe with him but he won't pick a side between human and unseelie. This bothers Dani and she speeds out.

Dani spends a lot of time going from scene to scene that's been iced and collecting evidence, investigating. She almost gets killed while investigating a church and Dancer has to save her from hypothermia. At another scene she almost gets killed and Inspector Jayne steals her sword from her, leaving her for dead. She wakes up in Christian's bed and he has fed her some of his blood to help heal her. She would have died otherwise. She finds a dead body by the bed and speeds out of there thinking that Christian means her harm too. Thinking that Ryodan would help her get her sword back from Jayne, she goes to Chesters. Ryodan simply gets mad that he can smell Christian on her and refuses to help her get her sword back. It makes her very angry and she decides to go after it herself.

Dancer and Dani form a plan to distract Jayne and his men, a group of humans fighting the unseelie that now calls themselves The Guardians, and let Dani sweep in and steal her sword back. Unfortunately, before the plan can go off without a hitch, the unseelie princes showed up. Dani knows she isn't a sure bet to win against the princes so she hesitates. They spot her anyway and Ryodan's men (Lor and Fade) sweep in to save her from them. The Guardian's spot them and it becomes an all out brawl with Dani trying to get her sword and Lor keeping her back. The air around the brawl starts to crackle and turn cold. An unseelie appears out of the portal and freezes much of the area, including Dani's sword. Everyone runs from the unseelie in different directions.

Now that they know what's freezing things around Dublin, Dani does some investigating and finds out that it's an unseelie called the Hoar Frost King (HFK). There are days here where Dani continually goes to try to get her sword. It's always frozen solid in a block of ice. One day when she's there, she spots Christian with a flame thrower. He uses it to unfreeze the block of ice and get Dani's sword for her. He calls it a wedding gift as he claims he'll marry her someday. She thanks him and tells him she doesn't want to marry him. He seems fine with it for now.

Eventually Dani realizes that the people at each iced scene were not screaming. They were singing. The Hoar Frost King is after a certain frequency of music. She and Dancer devise a plan to attract the HFK to a spot near the Abbey where they've tethered an Interdimensional Fairy Portal (IFP). They set up speakers and play music from Dani's iPod. It takes over nine hours but finally the HFK shows up. At the same time, another unseelie attacks and Dani feels torn between protecting the other sidhe-seers and doing her part of the plan. Christian sacrifices himself and makes the unseelie attack him so that she can trap the HFK. She runs in to release the IFP and it swallows up the HFK. The HFK then seems to freeze itself and the entire world in the IFP. It falls to the ground with the weight of the ice.

Dani makes it her mission to save Christian. But while she's walking through the streets she runs into Mac, who she thinks wants to kill her. Mac tries to get her to stay and talk to her, but Dani runs from Mac. She runs into the silvers outside Barrons' Books and Baubles and into a portal to escape Mac and her own guilt over killing Mac's sister.

Two weeks pass in Dublin and no one can find Dani. Mac finally admits to everyone that she chased Dani into the silvers and Ryodan is livid. Ryodan has been looking everywhere for her. He can't track her in the silvers. They have bigger problems though. In all the places that were frozen over by the Hoar Frost King, new anomalies have appeared. They seem to be black holed, sucking things into them to disappear into nothing. And everything they pull in, the anomalies get bigger. The objective is to keep things from going into them so that they don't get bigger because eventually, they could suck the whole world in and destroy it.

There's word of a new sidhe-seer in town, militant, gathering other sidhe-seers and training them in a military fashion, killing unseelie every day and night en masse to the point that unseelie have begun wearing their glamor again to try to hide themselves. Weeks later, Ryodan, Mac and Barrons end up at the Abbey where the new sidhe-seer that calls herself Jada has taken over and is leading the girls. When they meet with Jada, they discover that it's Dani. She's older, sleeker, more controlled, but she's Dani. Dani insists on being called Jada and also insists that Dani is dead or at the very least irrelevant.

We learn here that Ryodan has always known that Dani is fractured, that she has two personalities, one that's Dani and the other that is an unfeeling assassin that kills without regard. Jada is what was formed while Dani was being abused her whole life and Roweena had performed experiments and magic to harness Jada and use her for her own purposes. Jada has been used to kill people by Roweena for a long time. Dani isn't lost. Jada is just in control.

While she was missing for three to four weeks in Dublin, Dani was lost in the silvers for over five years. She lived through hell and somehow survived and fought her way back to Dublin. She made a friend there, Shazam. He became a companion of hers through the hellish silvers. She says he saved her life many times over. They have several conversations while she keeps him hidden in the Abbey so that no one will hurt him.

Character Personality